Azimuth Watch


Based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Azimuth began its journey in 2003, creating avant-garde timepieces featuring out-of- the-box designs for watch lovers. Special complication modules are created to fulfil the fascination of telling time in the most unconventional manner. Under the new visionary direction of Swiss watchmaker Giuseppe Picchi, a graduate of the La Chaux de Fonds Technical College with more than 30 years of watchmaking experience, Azimuth collection displays unique design codes powered by strong technical prowess.

Together with a dedicated watch development team, Picchi drives the innovation arm and technological progressions in the field of complications and watch design. The team also defies technological limits through the in-house development of Azimuth’s complication and semi-complication modules. Every Azimuth timepiece is conceptualized right from the beginning, ensuring every specification has been thoroughly thought through; from the construction of the case to the fine details of the dial, right down to the minute details of every screw.

At each stage, the development process is reviewed and improved by our engineers to ensure consistency in performance before production. Strictly mechanical and resolutely progressive, each Azimuth timekeeper is meticulously modified and assembled within its atelier in Neuchâtel.

That’s why the Azimuth watch you hold in your hand is a truly unique timepiece.